About us

Our AAcapture team consists of three very close childhood friends. Three individuals with a passion for creativity and capturing the perfect moment – our love for photography is what makes us happy. We truly believe in the capturing of every special memory, from the big ‘Yes I do’ to the little off guard and unplanned smiles. Transforming these into pictures with our wide skill set and abilities, that will last a lifetime and longer. Not only are we skilled but we also try to engage and inspire people everywhere. Beautiful work and good relationships come from collaboration. We’re excited and feel very privileged to be able to start a dialogue, learn about you, and make something beautiful together.


What we offer

Professional Photography

Creative and Professional Photography service for your special day.

High Quality Videography

High quality storytelling videography to capture every moment.

Creative Bespoke Albums

Bespoke album or photo printing to help preserve your memories.

Meet the team

Photographer / Designer

Amir Blazevic

Photographer / Videographer

Eldin Huskic

Videographer / Editor

Anel Blazevic